WalletAds™ Handbook


WalletAds is an innovative ad tech solution that enables advertisers to link Apple Wallet & Android Pay into their mobile ads. This next generation ad offering allows consumers to ‘tap and save’ branded offers and content directly from brands’ mobile ads — right into their mobile wallet apps where they can be updated over time and redeemed both in-store and online. Industry analysts and insiders alike predict mobile wallets will become powerful marketing and advertising platforms. To capitalize, advertisers and brands must navigate the strategic, technological and executional layers to launch WalletAds campaigns. We’ve created this handbook help you do just that.

Use this handbook as your reference guide for:

  • Ensuring best practices while creating WalletAds
  • Creating branded content for Apple Wallet & Android Pay
  • Key considerations for launching WalletAds in-market
  • Strategy and insights for before, during and after your WalletAds have launched
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