Use Mobile to Attract Patrons, Boost Spend, and Keep Them Hungry for More

Use Mobile to Attract Patrons, Boost Spend, and Keep Them Hungry for More

Consumers struggle to decide where to eat and drink and often turn to longwinded reviews for help. To help patrons decide, and capture their business, restaurants need to deliver relevant messages, offers, and services at the optimal moment. By engaging them with personalized and timely content, restaurants can increase patron revenue at each location, boost patron visits per year, and increase the lifetime value of loyal patrons.

Make every meal a mobile moment to engage

Answer “where to go?”

Use mobile messaging to send personalized, localized, and real-time offers to entice patrons to visit your restaurant any time of day, for example, breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch & dinner, or happy hour.

Ease your customers’ wait-time stress

Rely on mobile messaging to deliver updates on reservations, waitlists, and food delivery. For example, send patrons a text when their table is ready, to remind them of their upcoming reservation, to let them know their order is ready for pickup, or that their delivery is on its way.

Serve fresh offers and promotions

Use mobile messaging or push alerts to suggest new menu items, promotions, and daily specials.

Promote specialty services
Let patrons know you offer more than breakfast, lunch or dinner. Send a text or push alert to introduce them to other services like event catering, weddings, or private parties.

Reward customers with convenient redemptions

72% of customers would be interested in saving their loyalty card to their phones. Offer personalized mobile wallet coupons for special treats or in-store discounts that customers can easily access— motivating their return.

Improve the dining experience and drive repeat business


Engage patrons before, during, and after their visit

Encourage patrons to keep returning to your restaurant by staying engaged with them throughout their  journey. Reminding patrons of a reservation, sending an exclusive offer prior to their visit, or rewarding them for critical feedback are ways to create value.
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Generate revenue from in-the-moment engagement

Vibes helps you connect with customers at the moment of in-decision and any moment when hunger strikes. Use mobile to capture and monetize these moments.

Enhance targeting from customer preference

Behavioral and purchase analytics show what foods and drinks your customers like so you can target patrons with personalized mobile experiences.
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Since joining Vibes, we’ve seen our database grow 833%. Our average Apple Wallet install rate is phenomenal, at 42%—and our wallet redemption rates are 67%—compared to traditional marketing redemptions in the teens.”

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