Vibes Re-store: Enabling a Robust Recovery for Retail
Retail Text Message Marketing

Retail Text Message Marketing

Shoppers are bombarded with irrelevant retail promotions and content. Grab their attention and win their business with multichannel brand experiences tailored to their preferences—helping you attract and retain customers, drive in-store traffic, increase basket revenue, and build customer loyalty.

Vibes Re-store

  1. Accelerate mobile opt-ins through store signage and Tap-to-Join
    Your customers are looking to stay in touch. Help them stay connected with your brand by placing an SMS opt-in CTA on store closure signs and seamlessly capture mobile subscribers when they return to your brick and mortar or e-commerce locations.
  2. Drive traffic to your e-commerce website
    Show value and build trust with your new subscribers. Send an SMS broadcast communicating the value of online ordering and insert a branded URL linked directly to your website.
  3. Deliver brand alerts and updates
    Keep your customers in the loop. Set up SMS alerts to notify subscribers when their order has shipped, their BOPIS pass is ready for download, and when their local store location has reopened for business. 
  4. Launch Contactless Curbside Messaging
    Ensure a safe and reliable online order pickup experience when your stores reopen. With our web-based order management dashboard and mobile messaging solution, you can decrease customer wait times, easily identify curbside customers, and deliver the right order every time.

Engage customers through personalized mobile experiences

Start conversations that end in purchases

99% of all text messages are opened vs. less than 22% for email, and customers respond to a text in 90 seconds vs. 2.5 days for email. Use text messaging to introduce customers to new product lines, in-store promotions, holiday sales events, or early bird specials.

Reduce customer indecision with your mobile app

Your mobile app can be one of your most engaging solutions for connecting with shoppers. Reengage customers with rich push notifications that highlight new items, styles, or deals; or use simple push to remind customers of open baskets and promotional codes. Then keep them engaged over time with relevant, personalized and timely offers that spur online or in-store purchasing.

Increase engagement through gamification and extended experiences

Transform your outreach from simply selling products to delivering rich experiences. Vibes can help you create engaging campaigns, such as quizzes, trivia, and reveal games that excite, entertain, and help shoppers discover more when standing in line or digitally touring your brand.

Drive additional spend and loyalty with post-purchase engagement

To keep shoppers coming back for more, retailers need to engage with them throughout their journey. Use SMS messaging to send personalized, mobile wallet redemptions post purchase, or capture buyer attention through promotion alerts, shipment notifications, orders status updates and more.

Drive higher conversions with mobile marketing


Boost customer spend

Vibes helps you create a mobile database that allows you to connect with a vast number of customers using crisp images, style suggestions, recommendations and alerts that successfully promote specific products.
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Increase purchase frequency and retention

Personalized offers motivate your customer to return to your stores, while push notifications can offer a simple reminder to redeem digital coupons or highlight exclusive promotions.

Enrich customer profiles with mobile data

Use behavioral and purchase analytics to understand what content your mobile customers engage with and target relevant mobile experiences that put your products top of mind.
Lane Bryant had a 98% conversion rate
from their SMS in-store contest 🏢 👏

PetSmart partnered with Vibes to help us engage with our pet parents on mobile and run campaigns with exclusive offers that have resulted in greater than 50% CTR and higher in-store traffic.


Everywhere Commerce

This solution help brands anticipate and deliver personalized shopping experiences online and in-store.

“Having this wealth of data in the Vibes Platform makes it much easier to pull vital customer analysis. Consumers are making more value-driven buying decisions, so it’s paramount for our customers to have this depth of personalization. We’re very excited by the ability to see revenue attribution at the mobile user level, which will help inform our future offers and content strategies.”

Hibbett Sports | Caitlin Lindner, Senior Marketing Manager
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