Activate Mobile to Encourage Travel, Boost Loyalty, and Capture High-Flying Revenue

Activate Mobile to Encourage Travel, Boost Loyalty, and Capture High-Flying Revenue

Travelers want to spend less time at the service desk and more time soaking in their chance to get away. Lessen travel friction with clear mobile messaging updates, critical push notifications, or mobile boarding passes or redemptions; where you can increase brand loyalty, drive upgrade frequency, last minute bookings and rentals, and increase high margin upsell.

Help customers envision the freedom of travel

Initiate conversations that lead to upgrades

Customers respond to a text in 90 seconds vs. 2.5 days for email, and 99% of all text messages are opened vs. less than 22% for email. Use mobile messaging to highlight premium seating upgrades, in-flight entertainment, and ticket promotion to a preferred destination, or for car rentals, excite customers with new or luxury rides, or ease their mind with a breakdown of your car protection benefits.

Be the compass throughout your customers’ purchasing journey

The value of mobile goes beyond customer acquisition and booking. For airlines, you can use mobile messaging to send check-in reminders; updates on flight times, boarding position or gate information; while for car rentals, you can inform guests of rental specifics, guided tours, rewards updates, or their rental car features!

Let your mobile app engage ready-to-spend travelers

Inform and engage your travelers by delivering rich push notification content that showcases specific airline amenities like upgraded seating, rewards and loyalty points summary, or for car rental, highlight your newest rides to help customers commit to a more indulgent rental experience, or send new travel content that can extend their rental time.

Keep customers in the “in” group

Reward travelers through mobile messaging and mobile wallet too with promotions, upgrades and personalized mobile redemptions sent directly to their phone or redeemed through your app.

Unprecedented travel experience stems from 1:1 relationships


Create lifetime value from loyal travelers

Increase lifetime value of customers by guiding them through the purchasing journey. Mobile messaging gives open access to travel information, while giving you a direct route to engage your customers with content that helps them decide on an improved travel experience.

Have a clear view of your brand messaging

Vibes connects the dots between mobile channels so you can engage with guests at the right time and the right place with the right message. For example, send a text and push notification when information is critical, or send an MMS to highlight colorful content; while using a wallet coupon to make rewards easily redeemable.

Understand guest preference

Behavioral and purchase analytics show what content your mobile customers engage with, allowing you to target guests with relevant content that inspires them to take the weekend off for a deserving trip.
of internet users prefer using their phone to interact with airlines
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