Vibes Notify

A free text messaging solution from Vibes powering critical employee communication and safety alerts

Vibes is happy to offer essential businesses a free version of Vibes Notify, an SMS alerts solution for employee communication. With COVID-19 affecting businesses and people all over the world, SMS alerts can keep employees and internal stakeholders informed. Vibes Notify helps brands communicate store status, by location, or can be used for any other need-to-know company-wide internal communications.

Getting started is easy

  1. Reach out to Vibes to set up a free platform account for Vibes Notify
  2. Internally distribute an SMS call-to-action to your organization using your preferred communication channels (Email, Slack, Signage, Teams, etc.)
  3. Employees opt-in via SMSĀ 
  4. Schedule SMS broadcasts with critical information in real-time, for instant delivery

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Getting started is easyGetting started is easyGetting started is easyGetting started is easyGetting started is easy

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