Android Pay: A Powerful Platform for Your Marketing Campaigns

Part One


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Save your spot in this two-part webinar series focusing on success in Android Pay. We will be discussing how you can use Android Pay to increase in-store foot traffic and mobilize your loyalty program. Take a deep dive into learning best practices and use cases involving successful wallet campaigns from Vibes' customer Redbox. You will walk away knowing top industry trends, tips and tricks of how to get started and become an expert in mobile wallet.

How to Acquire Shoppers, Grow Sales and Deepen Customer Engagement

In part one, our speakers will be discussing essential info about Android Pay.
Watch part one to:

  • Learn why mobile wallet is important to your mobile strategy and customer experience
  • Understand how Vibes & Android Pay work together to deliver better brand engagement and loyalty
  • Gain insight into how to get started or jumpstart your existing wallet strategy

Bon Mercado leads Platform Partnerships for Android Pay. In this role, Bon helps platforms scale and develops brands' business objectives regarding loyalty, gift cards, offers and mobile engagement.

Sonal Patel is Senior Product Manager at Vibes. She has been the lead on the Vibes Wallet Manager Platform since its creation, with her primary focus being non-payments in the digital wallet space.


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