Industry Insights: How Chipotle Sets the Precedent in Mobile

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From tacos to burritos, what's there not to love about Chipotle?

The mobile marketing industry has skyrocketed the last few years as brands have realized the true potential of mobile. Since kicking off their mobile journey with Vibes, Chipotle has seen amazing results, such as 833% in mobile subscriber growth and an average redemption rate of 67%. That’s a lot of burritos!

The results speak for themselves—but, what’s the secret to their success?

Join Vibes and Chipotle to learn:

  • How the quick-service restaurant award-winning “Burrito a friend” mobile experience grew overall subscriber growth 2.4 x higher than the previous year
  • The determining factor that made Chipotle switch its advertising dollars from desktop to mobile
  • How the brand leverages mobile wallet’s loyalty and offer capabilities to support customer retention which has led to a whopping 9% increase in redemptions!

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