AI-Driven Marketing

AI-Driven Marketing

Surface billions of insights from mobile conversations

Rely on Vibes AI-Driven Marketing to identify conversational insights from messages flowing into your mobile channels and respond to customers with answers that drive purchases.

Webinar | May 9th, 2019 at 1pm CDT

Join us for a webinar!

In 2019, AI-Driven Marketing from Vibes is the workhorse of your mobile tech stack, analyzing heaps of incoming data to identify what your customers are expecting from you and allowing you to engage 1:1 with your customers to drive continuous purchasing.

Join us on Thursday, May 9 with Nino Bice, Sr. Product Manager of Amazon Comprehend, and Eric Van Rensselaer, Vibes Sr. Data Product Manager, as they discuss how AI-driven marketing can help you craft personalized mobile engagement that drives serious revenue.


You'll learn:

How AI-Driven Marketing can help:

you leverage elite customer experiences that retain customers

How you can:

take advantage of machine learning to capture conversational mobile insights at scale

Where you can:

employ unique customer insights to improve your mobile strategy


Eric Van Rensselaer
Eric Van Rensselaer
Sr. Data Product Manager, Vibes
Eric Van Rensselaer leads data strategy at Vibes. In his role, he combines data and analytics with broader industry insights to enhance customers' mobile marketing strategies and outcomes.
Nino Bice
Nino Bice
Sr. Product Manager,
Amazon Comprehend
Nino Bice is the Sr. Data Product Manager for Amazon Comprehend Natural Language Processing Service.
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