Our Mobile Solutions Group is made up of the industry's top mobile strategists, technologists, developers and marketers to help you develop mobile strategies and execute campaigns that will resonate with your audience, elevate your brand and drive results. We pioneered mobile marketing and can help you take advantage of this versatile and powerful marketing channel that delivers personalized and relevant content that drives engagement and builds customer loyalty.

Mobile Strategy

Our best-in-class mobile strategists help you develop effective strategies and solutions that drives consumer interaction, increases sales and builds customer loyalty across channels both online and offline. We understand the opportunities of mobile and its complexities and how to make it a powerful marketing channel for any business.

Campaign Management

Vibes' self-service clients are able to create, launch and optimize campaigns — from start to finish — right from the intuitive and easy-to-use Catapult dashboard. Or, if you prefer a full-service approach, our managed services team will help you strategize and execute the right mobile solutions for your business, built on best practices gleaned from millions of mobile interactions. We'll design and set up your campaigns and monitor their progress, then optimize where needed to ensure every campaign is working to meet your objectives.

Analytics and Optimization

With data streaming into our platform in real-time, you can measure campaign performance against key metrics such as program reach by channel, time/day characteristics of consumer interaction and more. These metrics help to ensure your objectives are being met and that consumers are actively connecting with your brand. This deep insight allows you to optimize current campaigns on the fly, and use the data to inform future campaigns for the highest return on your marketing dollar.
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CRM Integration

Our team of mobile experts manage and execute the process of integrating Catapult into your existing CRM, so that mobile marketing fits into and compliments your larger business objectives. With seamless integration, you can augment your CRM with valuable consumer data such as mobile phone numbers, locations, content preferences and more. This allows you to create targeted mobile campaigns that deliver a uniquely personal and relevant brand experience to your customer. And, as you capture new leads with your mobile database, your CRM database grows too — ensuring a holistic approach to consumer relationships.

Mobile Development

Our developers and technologists are ahead of the market and leading the development of the latest innovations in mobile technology. And, we use that knowledge and experience to our clients' advantage. At Vibes, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mobile. Our dedicated team can build new products and solutions to help you connect with your customers and ultimately impact your business and your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about our experience in your industry.

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