Vibes makes mobile wallet management as easy as 1-2-3!

Wallet Manager makes it easy for retailers of all sizes to launch enterprise-scale mobile wallet campaigns in just minutes! Marketers can now create, distribute, optimize and measure their mobile wallet programs through one, integrated platform - with one simple link. Wallet Manager is the industry’s only cross-platform mobile wallet management technology that allows brands to capitalize on both Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet – across devices and all marketing distribution channels, including email, SMS, Push, online, direct mail and in-store.
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Mobile personalization is key to combatting showrooming

Showrooming is a new reality that most retailers and marketers are seeking to understand and address. Research from Vibes' 2013 Mobile Consumer Report shows that personalization can help retailers combat showrooming. 89% of consumers say they would sign up for mobile messages if they knew they would be personalized, but only 18% of consumers frequently see personalization from retailers.
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Pioneering Mobile Since 1998

Vibes was founded more than 15 years ago, before anyone could even send a text message in the U.S. Since then, we have been connecting businesses with consumers in ways that would make early texters blush. Far beyond simple messaging, we have evolved from more than a decade of experience to deliver solutions that bring consumers closer to the products and brands they love, and to empower businesses to elevate their marketing efforts like never before. Learn how we take mobile marketing to the next level with Catapult – our Mobile Relationship Management platform.