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The Only Independent Tier-1 Aggregator

All we do is mobile messaging.  We don’t do voice or email. We’ve built our business on reliable, high-speed text message routing and aggregation for nearly two decades. When you partner with Vibes you can be sure that your text messages take the fastest path from you to consumers without sending through your competitors.

Direct Carrier Connections

Vibes is 1 of 4 companies that has direct connections with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and every other US carrier. This means when you send a message with Vibes it doesn’t route through any other party before going to the carrier, ensuring texts are received instantaneously.

Carrier Connections that Benefit You

The carrier relationships that Vibes has built over 20 years ensure your mobile numbers are provisioned 3x faster, program briefs get approved 2x faster, and we increase throughput when your business requires it.

Expert Customer Service You Can Count On

Our team of US-based account managers and technical support work 24/7/365 to deliver the personal touch only Vibes can offer because of our expertise and continued investment in routing and aggregation as a core business.

Deliver texts for 20% less

Our low code APIs make it easy to setup and start sending texts. With 3 days to establish your connection and the organization for procuring your mobile number - you'll be sending texts through the Vibes high-performance network in no time at a price that's hard to beat.

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