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The most trusted Tier 1 messaging Aggregator in North America.

Our direct carrier connections and hands-on personal service pair the business messaging reach and reliability you expect with the trusted long-term relationship you deserve.

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What is a Tier 1 SMS Aggregator?

A Tier 1 SMS aggregator provides a direct, unmediated connection between wireless carriers and any business or application trying to send a large volume of text messages. As opposed to messaging middlemen, Tier 1 SMS aggregators ensure messages take the absolute fastest path from businesses to the consumers they're communicating with.

The only independent Tier-1 aggregator.

All we do is mobile messaging.  We don’t do voice or email. We’ve built our business on reliable, high-speed text message routing and aggregation for over two decades. When you partner with Vibes you can be sure that your text messages take the fastest path from you to consumers without sending through your competitors.

High-speed text messaging on a smartphone
Vibes’ direct connections with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others

Trusted, longtime carrier connections you can count on.

Vibes is 1 of only 4 companies with direct connections to every US carrier. Our longtime relationships with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and 65 other regional carriers means we know everyone’s rules, and we bring the “one-stop-shop” experience to ensure that text campaigns run smoothly and correctly.

"Vibes have been a critical asset to Songwhale as we navigate the upcoming post shared-short code world. Our large investment in Toll-Free and 10DLC has us very optimistic for our future with Vibes. Vibes is proactive, nimble, knowledgeable and always available to talk, with a level of domain experience that's truly a cut above the rest."

Jon Greenlee

CTO, Songwhale

"Vibes is one of the best partners we work with. Their service to Telconnect is both personal and proactive, and they probably have the least amount of tickets of any partner l've managed. We love their sole focus on mobile messaging and their level of commitment anddetailed compliance truly shows."


Bhanu Ahuja

Regional Manager,
A2P SMS- Americas,

"We've been fortunate for our long-standing partnership with Vibes to ensure our messages get delivered timely and without incident for the thousands of business customers leveraging our software daily. Vibes provides prompt customer service when support tickets are submitted and they have worked closely with us on competitive pricing as our volumes have grown."


Omer Samiri

CEO, iVision Mobile

"Our company has been with Vibes for the better part of a decade, and they are consistently one of the best aggregators we work with. In an industry as large as the one we work in, it's easy to feel like a just another account number - but, their unparalleled customer service and account support is what really sets Vibes apart."


Jose Manchola

Commercial Project Manager, IDT

Vibes Connect is one central hub for short codes, toll-free and 10DLC.

No matter how you choose to send it, we’re there to help. Vibes has the quickest turnaround times in the industry, so we ensure your mobile numbers are provisioned 3x faster, program briefs get approved 2x faster, and we increase throughput when your business requires it.

Vibes Connect - short code, toll-free, and 10DLC

Eliminate the hops.

Vibes delivers industry-leading throughput and the absolute shortest path from “sent” to “seen”. Because we’ve built our business on reliable, high-speed text message routing & aggregation for over two decades, Vibes ensures your text messages take the fastest path from you to consumers, without sending them through your competitors.

How enterprise brands work with tier 1 SMS aggregators

If we’re doing our job, you won’t even notice us.

Vibes provides our partners with the peace of mind that their messages are delivered quickly, consistently, reliably and at a fair price across every single carrier, with geo-redundant data centers with active-active failover. We even proactively help partners get over compliance hurdles to help you seamlessly enable the good actors while policing the bad actors.

Learn More

Learn more about Tier 1 SMS API Connectivity.

Cut costs with tier-1 SMS aggregators

Deliver texts for 20% less.

Our low-code APIs make it easy to setup and start sending texts. With 3 days to establish your connection and the organization for procuring your mobile number - you'll be sending texts through the Vibes high-performance network in no time, at a price that's hard to beat.

Vibes AI stops non-compliant messaging dead in its tracks.

Looking for truly compliant SMS and MMS that follows all carrier rules, and won’t get you fined? Vibes Connect is packed with machine learning that automatically polices bad traffic, and makes sure that only safe, compliant messaging makes it through. It’s one less thing for you to worry about, thanks to Vibes’ intelligent ability to shut down non-compliant short and long codes.

Cut costs with tier-1 SMS aggregators

Get started with Vibes.

Let's talk about how you can use Vibes' fast, reliable and consistent Tier 1 SMS aggregation services for your business.

One central hub for short codes, toll-free and 10DLC. We ensure your mobile numbers are provisioned 3x faster and program briefs get approved 2x faster.

Reliable, high-speed text messaging: As a Tier 1 SMS aggregator and longtime industry expert, Vibes has direct connections with every North American carrier.

Deliver texts for 20% less. Our low-code APIs make it easy to setup and start sending texts within 3 days.

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