AI-powered intelligence, built on 25 years of messaging history & insights.

The Vibes platform supercharges mobile campaigns with automated, AI-powered intelligence and marketing recommendations, all with a brand’s best customer engagement and revenue results in mind.

This non-open source AI intelligence, driven by twenty-five years of engagement data across multiple markets, helps brands and businesses deliver messaging at the right time, to the right segment and with the perfect content to capture the click.

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Vibes AI powers dramatic improvements in CTR with Send Time and Date Optimization.

It’s not always intuitive or easy to decide when to send an SMS that drives clicks, actions, and revenue. Vibes’ machine learning-powered Send Time Optimization and Send Date Optimization guides brands through highly-informed choices and lets them decide, all based on 25+ years of Vibes data that shows what actually works.  

With this AI-powered boost, Vibes customers are seeing up to 20% improvement in their click-through rates. That’s newfound engagement and revenue brands can take to the bank.

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You don’t need another cookie-cutter LLM. Vibes AI is trained on 25+ years of enterprise SMS data – not on email and Reddit.

Our NLP approach can take any existing large language model and augment it with over 25 years of real SMS data, trained fully on real-world examples. It looks at real click-through rates, and at which SMS messages did and didn’t convert in order to direct brands to automated, intelligent outcomes.

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Vibes AI stops non-compliant messaging dead in its tracks.

Looking for truly compliant SMS and MMS that follows all carrier rules? Vibes Tier 1 aggregation is packed with machine learning that automatically polices bad traffic, and makes sure that only safe, compliant messaging makes it through.

It’s one less thing for providers to worry about, thanks to Vibes’ intelligent ability to shut down non-compliant short and long codes.

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Content recommendations that guide brands and businesses to higher engagement and higher revenues.

When Vibes provides recommended copy for an SMS send, it doesn’t sound like a robot or like “AI”. It’s intelligently optimized copy and sentence combinations that we’ve seen work beautifully over 25+ years, all in a brand’s unique voice and style, all designed to ensure the outcomes they’re striving for.

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Learn more about the Vibes AI-powered Nexus Engine.

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