Take digital marketing to the next level with Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Wallet is about much more than mobile payments - it's a true engagement channel that unites the physical and digital worlds. Marketers see 19x more revenue per message from campaigns that use both SMS + Mobile Wallet, vs. just sending SMS messages by themselves.

Now coupons, loyalty cards, tickets & gift cards are housed and organized as passes - no additional app download required.

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Mobile Wallet Pass Example Showing Points Balance

Continually update passes with new content in seconds.

Mobile Wallet passes can be updated with new information at any time, as often as you desire. From updating loyalty members about new benefits to extending the duration of a promotion, Vibes' mobile wallet marketing platform enables you to continuously engage with your customers and drive them to act.

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Reach consumers exactly where they are with timely, location-based notifications.

Just like a mobile app push notification, Mobile Wallet can also deliver a variety of messages to a user’s lock screen, including precisely-timed notifications that can be set to automatically send when a user is 100 meters or less away from a physical location - and then prompting a visit to that nearby location.

How Chipotle Does It
User receiving a location-based notification
Mobile wallet pass displaying a QR code

Attribute the ROI that Mobile Wallet is driving for your business.

Whether redeemed in-store or online, Vibes makes it easy for brands to identify and track every downloaded pass, providing you with unique attribution.

It's all made possible through Vibes’ Secure SmartLink – a unique, trackable URL that is automatically generated for every mobile wallet pass, paving the way for a better understanding of the business impact Mobile Wallet has on your brand. 

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Have confidence that every downloaded pass is secure.

The Vibes Secure SmartLink is not only built to track attribution, but it’s also encoded with parameters that provide fraud protection for any redeemable pass meant to be used only once, such as a coupon or ticket. This prevents consumers from manipulating the Secure SmartLink to reuse an already-redeemed pass by deactivating the pass after use.

Mobile wallet passes showing security

Take digital marketing and loyalty to the next level.

Mobile wallet marketing pass usage

Stay top of mind with your customers.

Once a Mobile Wallet pass is saved to a mobile device, it usually stays there, giving you an always-on brand presence with your customers in a place that is easy for them to find and access.

The dynamic nature of Mobile Wallet ensures your customers are always aware of actions they need to take, from redeeming outstanding loyalty points to event reminders.

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