How Chipotle Uses Mobile Marketing and Automation to Create Timely, Engaging Marketing

By getting the right marketing and technology partners in place and refining its SMS strategy over the years, Chipotle has developed a mature approach to marketing that can deliver exactly what consumers want.

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Key Results

4x CTR

Chipotle's SMS campaigns see a 4x click-through-rate when compared to email.

10k Offers

Chipotle tucked a unique keyword into television spots that unlocked 10,000 special offers

The Challenge

Strong data translates into strong marketing, which is why every business strives to know its customers intimately. But changes to consumer data privacy policies across the typical providers of third-party cookies make it more difficult to collect and act on consumer data every year. And even when a brand can get ahold of valuable insights, acting on the data is a complex and time-consuming undertaking that’s anything but easy.

The Solution

In an effort to understand what guests want and create promotions that get a response, Chipotle made it a priority to reach prospective customers and existing guests through one of the most common consumer communication channels today — SMS marketing. Chipotle sought to optimize which customers it reaches, with which promotions, and on which channels it reaches them; all in an effort to better serve their 30 million loyalty customers. Download the full customer story here!

"We know that mobile provides the optimal channel for brands to personalize and tailor content to ultimately drive ROI. The delivery of unique offers and loyalty cards at scale in a secure way is due in large part to Vibes. Having Vibes in place allows us to move quickly."

Jason Scoggins

Director, Loyalty & CRM at Chipotle

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