AI-Generated Copy Recommendations, with a Vibes Spin

Learn more about our newest platform feature that is going to help Vibes customers drive exceptional engagement results for their brands & businesses.

Molly Zechar
Senior Product Manager
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Everywhere you look these days someone has built a new AI model to solve an old problem. These solutions promise to free us from mundane tasks and increase productivity or save us time. And while this may be true, not all solutions are created equal.

At Vibes, we've embraced the power of AI for SMS messaging –and we have a new feature that we are confident is going to help our customers drive exceptional marketing results.

Can AI Be Used in SMS Marketing?

AI is everywhere these days, so let’s start with the core question: does AI actually have a role to play in SMS text message marketing? The answer is yes, it has a pivotal role. Like many industries with large amounts of data to sort through and leverage,SMS marketing can benefit from predictive analytics and machine learning models that take data and form real-time insights to provide action-based recommendations for marketers. 

Insights like these can empower you to tailor your messaging strategies and optimize the timing and content of your next text message for each recipient, thus maximizing the impact of your SMS campaigns. You can then refine your messaging approach, adjust your communication tone, and customize content accordingly to align with the preferences and expectations of your target audience, leading to more engaging and meaningful interactions through SMS marketing. 

The integration of AI in SMS marketing not only optimizes your marketing efforts but it also helps establish a deeper connection between brands and customers by enabling a more individualized and responsive communication strategy.

Vibes’ AI-Generated Copy Recommendations Will Help Optimize SMS Campaigns to Increase ROI

Before we take a risk on investing in any AI solution, we want some assurance that it will actually work. That’s what makes Vibes’ approach to AI-generated message copy recommendations unique.

Sure, there are dozens of tools out there that can write an SMS message in the blink of an eye – but only Vibes has 20+ years of SMS message history and click data to predict how SMS copy will actually perform.  

Our AI copy bot takes the marketer’s campaign goal and uses a large language model to generate impactful copy recommendations. First we try different tones like humor and sense of urgency to produce multiple different message variations. Then, we score these options against our extensive database of successful past campaigns to predict which will have the highest engagement. The result: the best 3 options to choose from, with the ability to customize as you see fit.

This is like running a dozen A/B tests in less than 30 seconds without having to send out a single text!

If you are familiar with generative AI or have tried out other copy recommendation tools, you probably know that what you enter as a prompt has a big impact on what you get as a result. This is both an art and a science. Think about a simple search for a picture of a sunset. If you only type the word “sunset”into a search engine you might get back a few nice photos but typing “lake Michigan sunset on a stormy day” gets you that perfect dramatic sky behind a lighthouse. This is called prompt engineering, and Vibes can help with that too.

It takes a human copy team a while to fit the details of your promotion, brand voice, and call to action into 160 characters. Our bot doesn’t require a draft SMS message, you can enter a couple sentences about your goal – drive foot traffic, your offer – free refills, your customers – parents with young children, and more. Armed with this information our model can test out copy variants to determine which ones are the most compelling.

This new AI-powered feature is just another way that Vibes’ platform makes marketing decisions smarter and easier.

Get in touch to learn more about how Vibes can supercharge the performance of your SMS campaigns with the help of AI.

Molly Zechar
Senior Product Manager
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