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Tier 1 SMS Aggregation

Vibes Aggregation provides enterprise-level SMS connectivity to all U.S. carriers for brands with high-volume, mission-critical messaging traffic.

4 Things You Don't Get with Other Aggregators

1) Award-winning Customer Service: US.-based mobile support team available 24/7/365, who can resolve any API or messaging issue quickly and proactively monitor, report, and escalate operator performance issues immediately so you are in the know.

2) 100% Uptime: Vibes Connect provides unrivaled throughput and uptime, in fact, our system processes 8,000 messages per second. How many outages has your aggregator had?

3) Speed to Market and Scalability: Timing is critical when provisioning new short codes which is why Vibes has reduced lead-time down to 3-4 weeks while others take 8-16 weeks! We consistently receive praise from both customers and the carriers for our campaign submission pass rates meaning you’re able to scale in weeks not months.

4) Unrivaled Expertise: An expert partner in managing carriers, regulators and government rulings, having recently won a case that had caused confusion and undue restriction in the industry. Cited here.

One more thing. The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) recognizes Vibes as one of four tier 1 aggregators. We have direct connections to all major carriers across the U.S., letting you connect and engage with virtually your entire mobile database.

SMS engagement further enhances LG’s customer service, and Vibes made our transition onto their network easy, providing white glove service every step of the way.

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“We used Vibes API with a dedicated short code to successfully deliver high-volume text messages for some of the world’s largest marathons. I would highly recommend Vibes to any company that needs a reliable and robust solution for SMS. The Vibes staff are friendly, available, knowledgeable, and always helpful. I paid a visit to the Vibes Chicago office – very impressive operation!”

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