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Vibes announces Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration to bring direct carrier connectivity and high-volume SMS throughput

Microsoft customers can now easily select Vibes for direct SMS routing across every US carrier.

The Vibes Team
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Table of Contents

Intelligent mobile engagement platform Vibes has announced its collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to help businesses orchestrate journeys across all existing Dynamics channels and SMS via Vibes’ Tier 1 SMS aggregation solution, which allows for direct, unmediated connections between wireless carriers and any business or application sending a large volume of text messages.

Microsoft has integrated Vibes’ SMS solution as a core option within its marketing platform, enabling Dynamics 365 users in industries such as financial services, retail, QSR and hospitality to send and receive text messages for real-time marketing. Customers, employees, and stakeholders increasingly seek to communicate with businesses and brands on their smartphones, so brands and businesses need to deliver real-time, high-volume marketing promotions, campaigns and other alerts to them via SMS. SMS has a 98% open-rate and a 13x increase in engagement when compared to other channels.

Vibes’ native SMS integration with Dynamics 365 now allows marketing teams in enterprises to build real-time marketing campaigns and automated customer experiences using text messages to reach and engage their customers, employees, and stakeholders. Vibes is 1 of only 4 companies with direct connections to every US carrier. The company’s longtime relationships with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and 65 other regional carriers ensures that it knows everyone’s rules and brings the “one-stop-shop” experience to ensure that text campaigns on Dynamics 365 run smoothly and correctly. This connectivity is especially conducive to high-volume, high-importance peak period traffic such as that seen on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and in other messaging-heavy windows.

“Vibes’ commitment to message quality, speed to market and rock-solid compliance makes our Tier 1 aggregation services a perfect fit with Microsoft.” said Kyle Cushing, SVP of Revenue. “Our shared go-to-market opportunity is to ensure that Microsoft customers’ messages are delivered quickly, consistently, reliably and at a fair price across every single carrier. We’re thrilled to partner with Microsoft and their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution as a leading CRM provider for B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses.”

Jim Nakashima, General Manager and Head of Product Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, said: “Microsoft’s collaboration with Vibes adds value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with its market-leading omnichannel communications solutions. Now, through our SMS integration with Vibes, businesses and brands using our platform can build and deliver real-time customer experiences including marketing campaigns over SMS, helping meet their customers where they are most likely to engage. Together, we are helping to deliver omnichannel communications to boost the return on investment from marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty for our users.”

The Vibes Team
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