Vibes Launches “One-Stop-Shop" for Toll-Free, 10DLC, and Short Code Business Messaging

Vibes, one of only four companies with direct, Tier 1 connections to every US carrier, now has established routes in place for every message type.

The Vibes Team
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Table of Contents

Vibes, the most trusted Tier 1 messaging aggregator in North America, announced today that its Vibes Connect aggregation solution is now being successfully used by businesses who send a high volume of text messages as a trusted one-stop shop for every type of business message.

Businesses looking for scale, ease of use, and compliance with deeply experienced, high-touch service, traditionally only found for short code messaging, now have a US-based solution for all their messaging needs: short code, toll-free and 10DLC messages. This high-quality approach includes messages such as one-time passwords, two-factor authentication messages, shipping notifications, automated reminders and more.

“Most businesses don’t understand just how many different companies touch their customer data before their messages actually reach their customer”, said Vibes CEO Jack Philbin. “We’re fixing that. Vibes is the only Tier 1 messaging aggregator with headquarters in the United States, so all customer data stays here in the US and takes the shortest route possible to the end consumer.”

Provisioning timelines are also a common pain point that Vibes solves with their high-quality connectivity solution. Vibes has deep and longtime relationships with over 65carriers across North America, with the quickest provisioning time-to-market in the industry, ensuring that mobile campaigns are up and running 3x faster. The company prides itself on hands-on, award-winning personal service that pairs the messaging reach and reliability that businesses expect with the trusted long-term relationship they deserve.

Vibes CEO Jack Philbin also said, “Our centralized, highest-quality routes for all three messaging types unlocks the toll-free channel and gives high-volume businesses the choice and confidence they need that their messages will be delivered rapidly, ethically and at the lowest cost.We’re doing this the right way, fixing the problem of a notoriously sketchy market with untrustworthy providers. Businesses can now use a single, trusted partner for all three number types, without juggling multiple vendors”.  

This new expansion means businesses can send text messages via traditional short codes, toll-free numbers or ten-digit long codes (10DLC) - or via all three– with Vibes. While most people are familiar with Vibes’ 1-way and 2-way texting from a five-digit short code, such as “CONNECT” to 63901, this expansion enables businesses who prefer to send their texts from an existing 10DLC (xxx-xxx-xxxx) or Toll-Free number (1-800-xxx-xxxx) to use their high-quality Vibes connectivity to do so.

To learn more about Vibes Connect, please visit

The Vibes Team
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