Why Vibes is a Built In 2024 Best Place To Work

Learn more on why Built In gave Vibes accolades on the strength of our culture and commitment we have to our people, and why we're a Best Place To Work

Amanda Collins
Director of Talent and Development
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

At Vibes, we know that our employees are a major part of why our customers love us, which is why we place such a major focus on attracting thoughtful, dedicated, compassionate people who are continuously committed to the work they do.

We also know that great technology and great service come from great people, who are set up in a culture where they can thrive, even if they’re not all in the same physical location every day of the work week.

That’s why we are incredibly proud that Vibes has been selected by Built In as one of the 100 Best Places to Work for 2024.

Our track record of being honored by Built In these past several years is humbling and something we are quite proud of. Given last year’s honor as one of the best hybrid companies, we feel this year’s recognition represents how we continue to provide a workplace that our employees really value and where they are able to do their best work.

Wondering what it is that Vibes offers to entice seekers? Here are just a few examples.

Empower Employees to Work Where they Work Best

If the pandemic proved anything from a professional standpoint, it’s that people can work effectively anywhere.

Not only does market research show that 83% of U.S. employees ideally prefer a hybrid work model, but the majority of our own people also voiced this through their participation in our Employee Engagement Survey.

It is evident to us that giving our people the option to work where they work best has decreased the likelihood of burnout if they split their time between home and the office – they can get the human interactions when they need them, and they have the flexibility to take care of their personal life.

This autonomy we offer our people offers a better work-life balance that further drives their engagement with Vibes and their overall productivity.

Offer an Office Space that Encourages Collaboration and Enhances Company Culture

We knew we couldn’t just snap our fingers and expect every employee to be ready to return to an office built for an older way of operating. This is one of the reasons why we invested in a re-design of our office space to make it feel more like a “culture hub” - an environment that fosters collaboration and offers a level of comfort that makes employees want to come into the office.

We are also so fortunate to have top talent based all over the U.S. Although we want to forget about the dark times of the pandemic, we won’t ever forget about the impact of feeling left out if you’re not in the room where it happens.

That’s why part of our office re-design also included improving our technology for optimal group collaboration, making it as easy as possible to communicate and meet with folks both in and outside of the office.

The ongoing investment made by Vibes in this new normal truly has helped to build a togetherness and foster trust among employees, even ones who may have never even met in person.

Show Our Appreciation Through Richer Company Benefits

If we’re going to honor flexibility around where our people are working, it’s only fitting that we also offer them the freedom to take time off how and when they need it.

In addition to introducing our Flexible Time Off policy in 2022, which provides everyone with the privilege to take the time and space they need to rest and recharge, we have since enhanced our Parental Leave Policy. This ensures that our people will be able to bring energy and focus to their jobs in ways that produce the best results possible, not only for the business but also for their overall happiness in their daily lives.

At Vibes, the work we do is all about testing, learning and optimizing. The same goes for our people: we will continue to evaluate new strategies and listen to our employees to understand their evolving needs so that we can continue to cultivate a culture of innovation, collaboration, and fulfillment.

Amanda Collins
Director of Talent and Development
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