Mobile Loyalty Program

Build lasting loyalty by meeting your customers where they are, on their mobile devices. Mobilize your loyalty program and engage customers through personalized messaging to create brand intimacy and repeat purchases.

Mobile loyalty program example
FordPolo Ralph Lauren Factory StoreHibbett SportsLEGODiscover Financial ServicesChipotle

Interactive Brand Experiences

Keep your customers engaged while learning more about them with fun, informative two-way interactions that they will love. These targeted rich content experiences drive brand perceptions that increase retention over time

Loyalty Membership Activation

Transform your loyalty program into a dynamic, digital engagement engine for your most valuable customers. From SMS/MMS messaging to Mobile Wallet, and app push notifications deliver the personal touch that stands out and keeps customers brand loyal

Customer loyalty program software
Mobile loyalty system with digital loyalty cards


Carve out a permanent brand home on your customers’ mobile devices with digital Loyalty Cards. Enable automated updates and trigger lock screen notifications based-on location, points expiration, and other attributes to drive awareness and purchase

Personalized Content

Take personalization beyond a first name in a message. Use customer attributes like behaviors, location, and sentiment to intelligently deliver timely, relevant messages that are meaningful, drive action, and build lasting personal relationships

Mobile loyalty software with personalized content