Apparel Retailer Boosts Mobile-Attributed Revenue by 34% Through Vibes-powered Personalized, Multichannel Mobile Engagement

How one of North America’s biggest apparel retailers unlocked more mobile program value once they activated new mobile channels.

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Key Results


SMS subscribers


year-over-year mobile-attributed revenue growth

The Challenge

Since migrating to Vibes in 2017, this apparel retailer had continued to see strong growth in their mobile subscriber base, but recognized the need to evolve how they thought about mobile marketing in order to deepen their relationship with their customers and drive more revenue.

Additionally, their loyalty program’s growth and performance had been slowing down due to a cumbersome enrollment process and a need to ensure their members had easier, more immediate access to their points and rewards.

The Solution

The comprehensiveness and flexibility of Vibes’ mobile engagement platform enabled this retailer to activate multiple mobile channels across SMS, MMS, Mobile Wallet and mobile app push notifications.

The ability to do all of this out of one platform not only expanded their digital reach, but Vibes’ robust analytics also made it easy for the retailer to evaluate performance data across each channel in order to reach more of their customers in the channel they prefer.

Vibes also helped the retailer amp up their mobile engagement efforts during peak shopping seasons. Through Vibes’ segmentation and targeting capabilities they were able to send exclusive mobile wallet offers and interactive content to select hand-raisers for additional Black Friday / Cyber Week holiday content.

Finally, their launch of a mobile wallet loyalty card helped them meet their goal of driving more enrollment in and engagement with their rewards program.

The Results

With the new ability to understand how each message in every channel was fostering a deeper relationship with their mobile subscribers, the demand for more engaging content grew. Vibes handled the retailer’s increase in SMS message volume with flying colors thanks to their platform’s message delivery optimization coupled with being a Tier 1 aggregator directly connected to all the US wireless carriers, ensuring ample, reliable capacity.

Today this retailer interacts with over 1.2M SMS subscribers and counting, and the total number of mobile app users who have enabled push notifications grew 28% from the previous year.

More message volume was worth the cost: for every $0.003 spent on a delivered message, the retailer got an average $0.11 in return.

All in, the retailer increased their mobile-attributed revenue year-over-year by 34% through their effective use of the Vibes mobile engagement platform.

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