How a 5,000 location specialty retailer went from “total frustration” to earning 39% higher-than-average SMS revenue

A global specialty retailer nearly stopped sending SMS completely – then their marketing agency told them about Vibes. Now they’re engaging in high-revenue mobile marketing the way they’d always wanted to.

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Key Results


redemption on all mobile offers


generated with two dedicated SMS offers


higher-than-average revenue per message

The Challenge

“We were so frustrated with our SMS provider that we decided to stop sending SMS completely”. This was the challenge faced by a large specialty retailer who have more than 5,000 company-operated stores and facilities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. This successful global chain encountered a number of contract-ending problems with their pre-Vibes mobile messaging platform provider that would tax any marketer’s patience.  

The retailer didn’t actually know when their SMS campaigns were truly going to be sent, and even found that sometimes draft SMS messages would be sent to their customers when they hadn’t even officially been scheduled. Four years ago, this is what led the company to nearly give up on SMS entirely. Fortunately, a marketing agency with whom they were working recommended that they not throw in the towel on SMS, and instead work directly with Vibes.  

The Solution

Their stipulation to Vibes was that they “wanted to do SMS, but to do it right this time.” After being introduced by their agency, they found that they loved the breadth of Vibes’ intelligent mobile engagement platform, and particularly that they’d be able to link SMS and MMS campaigns with Mobile Wallet.  

“We loved the functionality, the shortened URLs and the ability to track clicks”, said a company spokesperson. “Vibes’ A/B testing is really simple, and we love the simplicity of the user interface for setting up broadcasts and campaigns.”

The Results

The retailer is happily earning 39% higher per message than even an average Vibes customer. They immediately earned over $50K with two SMS dedicated offers, with an average redemption rate of 6% on all of their offers – with one particular campaign being redeemed at a staggering 30%.

The company has used interactive quizzes, voting campaigns and a listening campaign built into Vibes that looks for keywords, that then matches the user with a retail employee; in the words of the company, “in a humanized manner and less like a robot. Vibes makes it easy.”

The company has taken advantage of Vibes’ multi-language support by growing from just US English to support Spanish and Canadian English and Canadian French. “The international SMS program is a big win for us.” Finally, the specialty retailer also says that “Our Vibes account manager is amazing; we can always email him if we have questions, and we love the chat feature in the Vibes UI if we have a quick question – there's never a long wait in there, maybe a minute at most.”  

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