2023 Mobile Consumer Trends Report

Consumers have told us how they want to interact with mobile messaging from brands in 2023 - download our new report to learn how YOU can communicate with your target audience effectively.

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There's no denying it - if brands want to succeed in a competitive market, it's time to take mobile channels like SMS and mobile wallet seriously. Ignore them and you're missing out on a critical opportunity to build relationships with consumers in an intimate and personal setting. Our goal in this survey was to better understand modern-day consumer behaviors by peeking into how they use mobile, and how brands need to think about accelerating mobile in their overall marketing mix.

Download the full report to learn more about:

- The many (and often counterintuitive!) ways today's consumers are using their smartphones

- What consumers say about how personalized messaging builds their long-term brand loyalty

- Consumer sentiment on mobile communications with brands, including text messages, push notifications and mobile wallet

Did you know that:


of consumers are already opting in to text messages and mobile app push notifications from brands?


of consumers under age 55 are either already using or say they’re interested in using Mobile Wallet?


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