Playbook: How Integrations Help you Make the Most of your Mobile Marketing Data

If targeted, hyper-personalized messaging is your goal, it all starts with accurate customer data flowing across all of your platforms. Get our playbook to help guide you on how to effectively integrate your data to optimize your digital marketing.

Why Vibes is the right partner for effectively integrating and activating mobile marketing campaigns:

3 days

Vibes' low-code APIs make it easy to integrate into virtually all third-party systems to start sending text messages in as little as 3 days

20% less

Our direct connections with every US wireless carrier offers the shortest path from "sent" to "seen", sending texts for 20% less on account of no middleman required to help with delivery

Learn how to effectively utilize your customer data to maximize your tech investment and drive more value, for less.

Mobile engagement with consumers through SMS, MMS & Mobile Wallet should be a key component in your personalization strategy, and it doesn’t need to involve siloed platforms managed separately across your other digital marketing tools. If you're looking for efficiency, scalability and costs savings, integrating the right data will help you achieve all three - enabling you to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, without having to onboard, manage and learn yet another platform.

What you will learn

  • - A better understanding of the business benefits that data integrations in mobile marketing provide

  • - Examples of integration in action

  • - A checklist of the key questions to ask as you consider what's next for your data integration strategy

Playbook: How Integrations Help you Make the Most of your Mobile Marketing Data

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