The Power of Mobile to Activate Consumer Engagement Throughout the Vehicle Lifecycle.

Vibes Unified Mobile connects the consumer from products and innovation to services and rewards.
Make Every Vehicle Owner a Loyal Customer with the Most Relevant Rewarding and Frictionless Engagement from Purchase to Services.

Vibes Unified Mobile Messaging Platform is used by top auto manufacturers and Auto & Gas Retail service partners to grow consumer awareness and increase affinity with ongoing mobile marketing, loyalty, and services.

Marketing Services and Products to Increase Awareness and Revenue

Relevant targeted brand and services promotional content and calls-to-action that incentivize consumer vehicle interest and adoption of programs and services
  • Mailer QR-code Offer or Service Incentives to Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile SMS incentives and MMS retail promotional offers
  • Service Push Notifications and App Inbox for ongoing customer communication
  • Install Vehicle Identification Card to Mobile Wallet
  • Automotive value-ad-services (VAS) like promotions through Wallet automation

Loyalty Enrollments & App Downloads and Activation

Frictionless easy-to-enroll / download incentives, ongoing service or gas reward updates and loyalty content
  • Easy one-tap loyalty enrollments at the pump, service center, or online
  • Mobile App download incentives
  • Persistent reward status and award offers to Mobile Wallet
  • Relevant profile-driven automotive content to App, SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet

Vehicle and Warranty Renewals, Updates and Important Alerts

Timely secure messages to align and motivate consumer awareness and needed actions
  • Date-triggered SMS vehicle servicing reminders
  • Push and App Inbox messages to centralize communication about recalls, policy changes, and deals
  • Automated insurance renewal notifications through Mobile Wallet

Create Lasting Engagement from Web Browsers

Automated consumers engagement for vehicle, services, dealership and information inquiries
  • Triggered SMS, MMS, or Push reminders to drive servicing visits and seasonal promotions
  • Triggered messaging to keep users informed throughout car-buying or appraisal process
  • Convenient chatbot or customer care support through SMS to resolve questions regarding servicing, purchasing, or appraisal status