Bringing the power of SMS marketing to Adobe Marketo Engage.

By weaving together Vibes’ industry-leading text messaging platform with the world’s largest automated marketing platform, brands using Adobe Marketo Engage for email and marketing automation can now deliver the same robust experience via SMS.

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Vibes + Marketo SMS Integration

Better customer experiences that drive phenomenal ROI.

The Vibes + Adobe Marketo Engage integration delivers revenue-driving consumer relationships through personal mobile conversations. Expand your reach to consumers on the device that’s always with them by seamlessly integrating SMS messaging into your existing Adone Marketo Engage programs and Smart Campaigns.

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Marketo SMS marketing campaigns
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Adobe Marketo Engage + Vibes: Key Integration Benefits

Most reliable, most effective, and fastest SMS provider in the Adobe ecosystem, with direct, Tier 1 messaging connections to every US carrier.

Platform consolidation. Everything operates within Adobe Marketo Engage, making it easy for marketers to incorporate SMS through the platform they’re already familiar with

Embedded SMS compliance guardrails and support to ensure the integrity, credibility and trust of every message sent

Channel optimization, enabling marketers to effectively analyze individual customer journeys based on mobile and email engagement data in order to respond with the right message in the right channel

All campaign logic and execution, so marketers can add SMS into their existing customer journeys

Unrivaled message volume & deliverability (with 99.7% of messages delivered within 5 seconds)

Real-time subscription management

Personalize and segment the customer journey.

Texting is now how humans build their personal relationships- so should brands. Help activate your audience by creating automated, personalized messages and notifications based on customer behaviors, engagement and transactions, delivering unique value to all of your audiences.

Marketo SMS marketing campaigns

Value Metrics

  • 99% of SMS messages are opened, vs. less than 20% for email
  • 3-second average SMS response rate, with an 86% action rate
  • Vibes + Adobe SMS customers see an average 90x ROI within first 12 months of program launch
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