Unify the Best-of-Breed Mobile Messaging Platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Increase engagement and conversion by optimizing the creation of automated, 1-to-1 omnichannel customer journeys for brands using SMS in Journey Builder

Increase Personalization of Messages and Journeys

Combine SFMC personalization tags, personalized Mobile Wallet passes, and unique landing pages delivered through Vibes SMS messaging to deploy end-to-end personalized consumer experiences

Enhance Mobile Journey Automation

Create SMS engagement decision splits that are triggered by Vibes’ mobile engagement data and enables you to map new personalized paths using SMS as part of 1-to-1 omnichannel customer journeys

Maximize Journey Effectiveness

Optimize conversion with access to new content, campaign, and journey stage insights through Vibes SMS engagement tracking and Mobile Wallet in-store and online transaction attribution

Ensure Your SMS Messages Reach Customers At The Right Time

Deliver your SMS messages at scale within a highly specific timeframe through the combination of Vibes’ platform message delivery optimization, high velocity global network, and direct carrier connections


Trust That Your SMS Campaigns Are Compliant

Vibes provides decades of mobile compliance expertise and has embedded controls and guardrails into the platform to help make it easy for you to stay compliant

Start activating unified consumer experiences at scale across all mobile channels