Unlocking the Power of Mobile Wallet

Physical wallets don't just have credit cards, why would your digital wallet? From loyalty cards to coupons, tickets, and more, leading enterprises are using Mobile Wallet as a new consumer messaging channel.

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What you will learn

1. Mobile Wallet 101 – “The Basics”

2. How Mobile Wallet is a uniquely dynamic and persistent messaging channel

3. How Mobile Wallet complements SMS and Mobile App Strategies

Meet the speakers

Alex Campbell

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Vibes
Alex Campbell has long been recognized as one of mobile marketing’s original pioneers, working tirelessly to educate marketers on the value of mobile as a viable discipline. A true entrepreneur at heart, Alex oversees Vibes’ innovation strategy – always looking for the next great mobile technology brands can leverage to drive deeper customer engagement and untapped revenue opportunities.

Sarah Noble-Spangaro

Product Marketing Manager at Vibes
Sarah Noble-Spangaro is responsible for bringing you the most compelling research and insights about the mobile marketing and messaging industries. She is committed to helping you become a mobile engagement expert that will know precisely how to drive deeper, more meaningful engagement with your consumers.

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Wallet

With Mobile Wallet you can establish an always-on, dynamic presence on your customers' devices. That means you can now communicate with the consumer whenever you want.
Alex Campbell, Co-Founder & CIO at Vibes

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