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75% of consumers say that text messages routinely drive them to purchase from brands, new 2024 survey finds

7th annual Vibes Mobile Consumer Insights report also finds an explosion in consumer use of Mobile Wallet on smartphones, with 54% reporting having made a purchase based on a brand’s mobile wallet offer.

The Vibes Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Vibes, the intelligent mobile engagement platform, has announced the findings from its comprehensive annual Consumer Insights survey for 2024. The full report is available to download here.

Vibes surveyed a broad range of over 1,000 mobile-centric consumers with the intention of understanding what their relationship with their smartphones looks like today; how this has changed over multiple years; how they prefer to interact with brands on their phones, and how these interactions help or hinder their path to purchase.

Among the core findings was the near ubiquity of SMS adoption by both brands and their consumers, with 75% of consumers reporting that text messages from brands routinely drive them to make purchases. In retail settings, this could be a text that drives an immediate online purchase or offline store visit; in quick-serve restaurants, a typical use case might be a discounted in-restaurant offer to drive foot traffic, or a coupon redeemed through use of a Mobile Wallet.

What’s more, the 2024 survey found that 54% of consumers have made a purchase based on a mobile wallet offer they received from a brand, and nearly 60% have used a mobile wallet-stored loyalty card when making an offline or online purchase. Whereas mobile wallet was once reserved primarily to house digital versions of credit cards, an additional 52% of consumers now say they use mobile wallet for storing items other than credit cards, such as loyalty cards, offers, coupons, gift cards and event tickets.

This rapid adoption of SMS and Mobile Wallet clearly opens an opportunity for brands looking to drive more in-store and in-location traffic, given 98% open rates for SMS and the ability to directly attribute the ROI that Mobile Wallet drives for their business. 1 in 4 consumers even said that they now use their mobile wallet passes more than once a week, with mobile wallet users 40% more likely to also currently be signed up to receive text messages from brands – demonstrating the pronounced growth and proven durability of this new marketing channel.

“Every time we’ve conducted the Consumer Insights survey, we’ve seen tremendous year-over-year gains in consumer enthusiasm for SMS from the brands they love, as well as how they’re adopting and using Mobile Wallet”, said Alex Campbell, Vibes’ Co-Founder & CIO. “Vibes’ comprehensive research has shown that marketers see 19x more revenue per message from their campaigns that use both SMS + Mobile Wallet, vs. just sending SMS messages by themselves.”  

Vibes has made the full report available for download here.

The Vibes Team
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