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Retailers are Finished with Mobile Marketing Guesswork and Busywork. Here’s Why.

The Vibes Platform's new Nexus engine is tailor-made for the mobile marketing challenges faced by retail brands. Let's take a look at what automated, AI-powered recommendations can do to power retail customer engagement and revenue.

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I’m one of those marketers who often knows I need to send out a message to my prospects or customers – maybe I’m trying to hit a date on our marketing calendar, or maybe some key plank of our marketing program has been under-communicated – but I don’t always know what to say, nor how to say it, nor even exactly when to send it. I’ll often jump into the marketing tools we use and start making big decisions right then and there. It’s hardly the methodical, well-planned and disciplined approach we’re all taught to follow, yet this seat-of-the-pants marketing is certainly recognizable by overtaxed marketers in the retail space.

Here’s how I know. The retail marketers we work closely with at Vibes have been telling us over the years that, aside from ensuring that their mobile marketing campaigns convert new users and deepen relationships with existing ones, that removing guesswork and eliminating busywork in multiple systems have been among their greatest needs. Their teams are overtaxed, they have too many overlapping martech tools, and they by necessity sometimes take the same slapdash mobile marketing approach I do on my worst days.

They want to know that when they’re setting up SMS, MMS or Mobile Wallet campaigns that they have exceptionally easy access to what already works. They need quick access to their own historical data, of course – but they also want to see automated recommendations with their best customer engagement and revenue results in mind. If that’s informed by success that others have in their mobile marketing campaigns, then so much the better.

This is why Vibes has recently evolved our platform to bring in a suite of AI-powered features that bring 20 years of messaging history & insights together to supercharge retailers’ mobile campaigns. What are your best send times and dates? What’s the best CTA and copy that delivers results? What dynamic segments should you build today? The Vibes platform, now powered by our new Nexus engine, proactively guides the marketer through their next-best actions. It’s intelligence that helps optimize marketing outcomes for you, helping you deliver messaging at the right time, to the right segment and with the perfect content to capture the click and even drive excited users into physical locations.

The new Nexus engine intuitively highlights for marketers which aspects of their mobile programs need immediate attention, which allows them to act faster, work smarter and drive higher ROI. Sarah Sharp-Wangaard, VP of Marketing at Hibbett | CityGear, said that “Hibbett prides ourselves on working with partners with next-level technology, and Vibes has proven that they’re investing in solutions that really help us elevate our brand and engage our customers. We’re excited to have our mobile marketing program in one place, and for the automation in the Vibes platform that allows us to make even better decisions.”

Another one of our retail partners said, in this customer story, that “We loved the functionality, the shortened URLs and the ability to track clicks. Vibes’ A/B testing is really simple, and we love the simplicity of the user interface for setting up broadcasts and campaigns.”

That’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? The gift of time to make great decisions quickly, and the confidence to know that those decisions will drive the mobile marketing results that matter. Vibes customers see 25% lower churn of their SMS subscriber base than those who use competitors' SMS platforms, and Vibes' SMS subscriber opt-out rate is a whopping17x lower than that of competitors.  

Our new Nexus engine is designed to ensure that these stellar results for our customers become even better. We’d love to show it to you in a quick 30-minute demonstration if you’re interested in seeing what a comprehensive, real-time mobile marketing program, all in one easy-to-use dashboard, looks like.

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