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How Vibes' Integration with Oracle CrowdTwist Drives Mobile Loyalty

We sat down with Will Sweet, Technical Account Manager, to learn more about how this integration works, how it's fueling LEGO's loyalty program, and more.

Will Sweet
Technical Account Manager
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is Oracle CrowdTwist and how does their software work? At a high level, how does Vibes work with them?

Oracle CrowdTwist is a loyalty and engagement provider that focuses on an omnichannel loyalty program experience for consumers. Their goal is to have loyalty members experience a seamless offline-to-online experience with a brand’s loyalty program, from making an in-store purchase to when they log into their online account a few weeks later to get their last-minute Holiday shopping done. Oracle CrowdTwist uses insights from captured customer data and activities to provide a tailored experience to each individual through all channels and points of contact. 

The Vibes integration supports the delivery of CrowdTwist-powered mobile wallet loyalty cards across digital channels as well as real-time updates of saved mobile loyalty cards using the aforementioned CrowdTwist data. These real-time updates can include updates to someone’s points balance when they make a purchase at their local store, or updating their account information on their mobile loyalty card when they change any of their information online.

What are the nuts and bolts of how our integration works with Oracle CrowdTwist’s solution?

Brands can deliver mobile wallet loyalty cards across any and all digital channels - such as sending them via SMS or making them available within a preference center or loyalty hub - using a custom, secure URL provided by Vibes called a SmartLink. Within that SmartLink, Vibes appends key identifiable information, like the company and the specific campaign ID the loyalty card is associated with when created in our platform. Vibes also encrypts an Oracle CrowdTwist-specific ID to the SmartLink, which is used as a shared unique identifier between our two systems.

When a loyalty member clicks on a URL that contains their mobile wallet loyalty card, the Vibes integration decrypts the unique identifier, JWT encodes and signs the URL parameters, and then redirects to a secure SmartLink. Once redirected, the loyalty member is prompted to save their digital loyalty card to their mobile phone.

Once the loyalty card is saved, an API callback is sent to the Vibes integration, which then calls theCrowdTwist APIs. These are the calls that enable the real-time updates to the loyalty card with the member’s data, such as loyalty points, name, loyalty tier, phone number, etc.

What does this integration translate to in terms of what a consumer actually experiences?

The integration makes it possible for loyalty members to easily see all of their current membership information, such as points and available rewards, directly on their digital loyalty card. The integration also makes it possible for members to receive instant updates about their membership status. For example, when a member makes an in-store purchase at a register they’ll be able to immediately see the points they earned from that purchase. As another example, once a transaction is made that earns a loyalty member a new membership tier, that elite loyalty status they were working so hard towards reaching will be proudly displayed on their loyalty card.

In other words, members can always count on easy access to their most current account details right on their phone without repeated logins and cumbersome searches through an email, online account or mobile app.

What are the main business benefits customers like LEGO receive from the Oracle CrowdTwist integration with Vibes?

One major benefit to businesses is how scalable the integration is. The integration is architected to be able to handle business growth, i.e. more loyalty program members across the globe, without the need to re-build aspects of the integration as well as minimizing bottlenecks to meet more demand.

Another big benefit is how efficient it is: it’s a completely automated integration between the systems, meaning they continue to talk to one another and make updates accordingly without any additional busywork required from the the brand's loyalty or IT teams.

To go back to the business benefit of scalability, I think one of the most unique things that LEGO uses the Vibes – CrowdTwist integration for is the distribution of loyalty passes in multiple languages. Depending on the language preference a member has set on their profile, the integration is able to determine the correct language to use on a member’s pass when they click a URL to receive their loyalty card. With over 15 languages supported and more on the way, LEGO fans across the world can enjoy the loyalty experience in the language that suits them best.

How does a business set up and implement the OracleCrowdTwist integration with Vibes?

Implementation is very straightforward and has been streamlined as more of our customers are using the integration. The company just needs to provide us with the following business requirements:

  • Specific business needs they’re expecting from the integration. For instance, if they will require multiple languages that we need to account for and map out just like we do for LEGO.
  • What loyalty member data they will be sharing through the integration.

The rest of the set and configuration is managed entirely by Vibes! Once we have all of the requirements from the brand, we can get their loyalty card program up and running in as little as one week.

If a business has another loyalty solution other than Oracle CrowdTwist, can they easily integrate with Vibes to achieve similar outcomes? Can you provide a high-level overview of how this works?

Yes, Vibes still works flawlessly with other loyalty solutions and can provide similar business outcomes! Although other solutions may require the brand and affiliated partners to be more hands-on, they can rely on our robust suite of APIs, API callbacks, and file-based imports to provide loyalty program members with a seamless, satisfactory experience.

For example, another loyalty solution can use the Vibes Wallet APIs to make real-time updates to a member’s loyalty card. Similar to what we see with our Oracle CrowdTwist integration, an API call can be made at any point-of-sale system to update a loyalty points balance on a wallet pass or update the pass colors or imagery when they reach a new loyalty tier. The possibilities with Vibes’ Mobile Wallet offering are truly endless.

Check out our Developer site to learn more about our various technical offerings, API references and guides, and how they can best suit your business needs.

Will Sweet
Technical Account Manager
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