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When You Think Mobile Wallet, Think Attribution

Marketing often drives sales through a variety of online and offline programs – such as digital programs that drive people into physical locations – but don’t get the credit for it. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

Jay Hinman
VP, Marketing
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It wasn’t particularly long ago when companies struggled with having appropriate technology in place for customers to pay with their smartphones. Once Apple Pay and Google Pay – and then Apple Wallet and Google Wallet – began to become ubiquitous for in-store shopping, loyalty, coupons and more, it was younger consumers in particular who began to flock toward using Mobile Wallet as a sort of one-stop smartphone location for where they might want to eat or shop next.

“Most of us started our loyalty journeys with airlines and hotels, but now that it is incredibly easy to carry your current offers and loyalty programs from Chipotle, Starbucks, or KFC with you, it’s easier to take a quick glance at Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to figure out the best place to go for lunch today - and then pay for it with the device that is always with you,” said a wise man in an interview with E-Commerce Times. It’s also clear that, for retailers and restaurant brands, Mobile Wallet is about much more than mobile payments - it's a true engagement channel that unites the physical and digital worlds. We’ve found that marketers see 19x more revenue per message from campaigns that use both SMS + Mobile Wallet, vs. just sending SMS messages by themselves.

Mobile Wallet passes can be updated with new information at any time, as often as the brand desires. They’re great for updating loyalty members about new benefits, extending the duration of a promotion, or even just changing an image on the wallet pass for a holiday or another event. Where they truly stand tall, though, is that they allow brands to attribute the ROI that Mobile Wallet is driving for their businesses.

Attribution for Measurement, Targeting and ROI

Marketing often drives sales through a variety of online and offline programs – such as digital programs that drive people into physical locations – but don’t get the credit for it. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did? That common attribution problem vanishes with Mobile Wallet on board.

Mobile Wallet happens to be compatible with all point-of-sale technology and offers a variety of barcode options to ensure passes can successfully be scanned. Since it’s easier these days for consumers to find and access a Mobile Wallet pass than digging through a pocket or searching in an app, that ensures that the checkout process is dramatically streamlined.  

However, it’s not just about the checkout process being easier. Mobile wallet passes can be easily identified and tracked providing unique pass attribution - in-store or online - paving the way for a better understanding of the business impact mobile wallet marketing has on your brand, offering a clear path to ROI analysis of your brand’s programs.  

This level of attribution is made uniquely possible through Vibes' Secure SmartLink, a unique URL automatically generated for every mobile wallet pass that gets delivered to an individual customer. The Secure SmartLink tracks every action on that customer’s pass, from the initial viewing of the pass to the transaction where the offer is redeemed.

The Vibes Secure SmartLink is not only built to track attribution, but it’s also encoded with parameters that provide fraud protection for any redeemable pass meant to be used only once, such as a coupon or ticket. This prevents consumers from manipulating the Secure SmartLink to reuse an already-redeemed pass by deactivating the pass after use.

Whether redeemed in-store or online, Vibes makes it easy for brands and businesses to identify and track every downloaded pass, providing them with unique attribution. It’s the way it should be, marketers. Your CFO and CEO will thank you.  

Learn more about Mobile Wallet and attribution here!

Jay Hinman
VP, Marketing
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