Mobile Wallet

Turn Mobile Wallet into a persistent, contactless engagement channel that bridges the physical and digital for marketing, commerce, service, and loyalty without the need for app downloads

Deploy Mobile Wallet as a Channel

Accelerate revenue growth and increase loyalty by establishing Mobile Wallet as a Channel for continuous two-way dialogue with customers. Use Wallet Manager to drive downloads of permanent wallet passes, such as loyalty, gift, and membership cards that expand brands reach and supplement their apps

Dynamically Update Passes in Real Time — and in Context

Keep customers updated and drive them to take action with Dynamic Mobile Wallet passes. Update offers, points, and status levels with Vibes Wallet Manager. Send personalized alerts and lockscreen notifications that are timely, personalized, and relevant.

Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds

Create seamless customer experiences offline and online. By turning coupons, cards, and tickets from paper and plastic into mobile wallet passes brands make usage more convenient, reduce costs on production and distribution, and enable offline and online attribution

Deliver Secure SmartLinks for Every Unique Pass Download

Vibes initiated the delivery of Mobile Wallet passes through protected personalized Secure SmartLinks. SmartLinks enable the distribution of passes over any medium, from email to QR codes to Facebook ads. Secure SmartLinks are device-aware, encrypted, and digitally signed, significantly mitigating the risk of tampering and fraud.

Easily Downloaded Onto Any Mobile Device

Rapidly grow mobile wallet pass adoption to drive conversion, accumulate customer insights and ultimately increase lifetime value. Vibes makes it easy to increase your customers' mobile pass usage by enabling you to send secure SmartLinks via all of your digital communication channels for customer download

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